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KAMA Tyres

  • Kama tyres are manufactured by the largest producer of tyres in Europe- JSC NIZHNEKAMSKSHINA
  • The high quality of KAMA tires complies with the world standards and UNECE regulations
  • International homologation certificate, valid also in Slovakia
  • Cosiderably low prices and 5-year guarantee will satisfy every customer


  • Perfect tire adherence (grip) on wet or ice-covered road surfaces

  • High resistance to wear

  • Reduced wheel slip during acceleration and better vehicle mobility

  • Original sidewall construction reduces the vibrations transmitted to the vehicle and increases comfort durind the ride
  • Great accuracy of keeping track in thick layers of water or sleet – no risk of aquaplaning
  • Low noise frequency in comparison with other types of tyres – they ensure quiet and comfortable ride

Choose from our offer of KAMA tyres – high quality for low price will surely interest you.

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